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again.  Muktupolis Company

season 2  Welcome to visit.



I offer my apologies.

Before the start of Muktupolis Season 2, I would like to express my deepest apologies.


There are a number of communities called “Muktupolis” in the current market.

We thank you for your support for the insufficient operation and management we started in 2015.

The first-generation eat-and-run verification community :  This is the executive team.


I was attacked by hacking and DDoS from an unspecified group, and as of July 21, 2021,

We have suffered the humiliation of temporarily suspending the operation of the original Muktupolis site.

Accordingly, in order to provide safer security and better quality service and operation,

After trial and error and deliberation, I started a new Muktupolis Season 2 ( ).


In the future, a more complete security

By building a system, we will do our best to satisfy the needs of our members.

We ask for your support, and we will repay you as a verification community that can work harder and develop further.

Once again, I bow my head and apologize. thank you.



- Posted by Muktupolis management team -

Muktupolis season 2



1. We provide easy-to-understand information using systematic data.

The eat-and-run verification counselors, made up of experts in each field, provide transparent feedback through long-term know-how.

2. Guarantee companies introduced through partnerships with major sites that boast stable capital for at least 3 years of operation are selected as certified companies only when they prove deposits and withdrawals of at least 3 months and capital of 500 million won or more at the same time. Therefore, we are confident that users will be able to trust and use it even more. In addition, it is guaranteed through a deposit by responding quickly to incidents such as eating and drinking through follow-up management.  The processing we provide is also important, so there is no need to worry.

3. In order to secure our own database, we receive reports from users and objectively publish the site to devour the evil.  We have stopped using the site and are working hard to prevent the spread of damage.

Are you looking for a safe playground that you can use freely from worrying about being eaten?


Eat and leave most of the validation sites that are operating in the country, but emphasize safety and to introduce several playgrounds fact is that mostly all situations companies that are not safe. Seriously, most of the community operators know that this is a scam site to attract advertising costs, but they are causing a big social problem because they are showing a complacency attitude by lying and introducing that it is safe to just earn an extra penny for advertising expenses.

We disclose all the verification history of the playground transparently.

We pride ourselves on differentiating ourselves from companies that say they are safe only with words. Both closely, such as desktop eat and leave the past in the history of accidents or incidents assurance companies investigate the various search engines, and to simplify the only supplier that can meet safety like to recommend to you. In this process, users receive a deposit of 50 million won or more so that they can trust and use the Toto site once more.  When an unsatisfactory problem occurs while using it, you will be able to take immediate compensation in advance.

Safety is ensured through real-time data linkage.

We are working hard to protect the winnings by linking users' real-time deposit and withdrawal history and betting history with the company. Since these logs are all stored and collected in the data center for 24 hours a day, it acts as a means to immediately check if there is any unfair treatment from the guarantee company (e.g., stealing, stealing, etc.). Unsavory manipulations such as manipulation and betting history manipulation can be prevented in advance, and they are all kept thoroughly as they become valuable evidence.

You can stop using the scam site now!

먹튀폴리스 보증업체


There has always been a thorough inspection to prevent the risk of scam sites. Therefore, like other verification companies, we absolutely refuse to operate with a completely different front and back , and we recommend only safe sites through communication with you. Since the process can be relatively cumbersome and tedious, well aware that only the differentiation operations are the result not you ashamed to eat and leave us you are always in Indianapolis Season 2  

We will be with you as a companion for clean betting.

We think of trust as "a long-term, no-false relationship".


There are various ways that users came to know our Muktupolis, but if you have ever felt differentiated from other companies even a little, I would like to tell you that it is completely different from a verification site that will disappear after a few months of operation. The name of the site is "I want to be like a 'spotlight' that illuminates the dark road ahead from the perspective of users who may be robbed."  Naming was put to hope that, by and uploaded to eat and leave dozens of sites every week, and eat and leave the real-time operating tip to ensure safety  We are contributing to the safe sports betting of users. Not to be recognized by you, but to build a clean sports culture that is the fate of the eat-and-run verification site.  Because of our efforts, we have been with you for a long time without lies.

"Eating and catching! Can't even a beginner do it easily?"


“Eat-frying sites and users who are victims of food-fighting” is the relationship between water and oil . This is because only after being unavoidably harmed, only the fact that they were devoured remains. Users must go through the verification step before using the playground, but in fact, general users cannot do anything other than search the site without proper verification criteria. So our muktupolis  We provide accurate and accurate feedback on whether the playground you want to use is truly safe.



We do our best even for parts that have not been verified by other companies.

Usually, there are many people who check if there is a history of eating and drinking using the site name and address on Google when performing the fraud verification.  But  This is a really bad validation method. This is because eat-and-run sites also use various and intelligent methods to keep pace with the times. This is because the biggest problem is that it will not come up if you change the domain after doing a search, and it is difficult to accurately verify the site name even if you roughly change the image on the login screen. Although third-party upload In an article for determining a new site through an automated macros in real time, we eat and leave Indianapolis Siege 2  We evaluate the safety level by manually evaluating whether the site is safe one by one and using systematically accumulated data to investigate past scams.

All food inspections are conducted by the best experts.

It's too easy to say that every site you verify is not secure. This is because more than 80% of private toto sites operating in Korea have been researched by a domestic institution called a scam site. But Indianapolis is like to eat and leave absolutely to deliver only the content based on the fact that in the verification process. We say unsafe sites are unsafe, and safe sites are safe. For this reason, we have answered close to 2000 cases of eat-and-run verification to you so far , and users are very satisfied with this.

We explain it from the user's point of view.

There are many complicated parts that are difficult for general users to understand. For example, by verifying all aspects, such as professional security technology of the website, how systematic database management is in the era of strengthened personal information protection laws, verification of capital power, and past history of robbery, Based on the manual of Muktupolis, we are trying to convey information by briefly describing it to you.  If it is difficult for users to understand, that is also because it cannot be an accurate eat-and-run verification process, and is just noise.

Don't hold back! Know-how in apprehending scam sites

먹튀사이트 검거 노하우


We receive dozens of reports of damage every day, but there is no end to it.


There is an old saying, "Losing a cow and fixing the barn." Like that saying goes, eat and leave again for being here and there to find another playground drink georiji snooping important hasineunge used properly, the Toto site. We receive and upload dozens of scam sites every day, but we are getting so many inquiries that we can't see the end. Because even if he managed to useful sites or be idle, "I do small battery ok"  It is absolutely not advisable to think and write a site. We will help you without any conditions in Season 2 of Eating Police to determine whether the site you want to use is a scam site or an official site that has been operated safely for a long time. We will always do our best to build trustworthy relationships based on accurate information.

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